Non-Restaurant Inquiries

714Web specializes in restaurant, and food service related businesses, which affords us several opportunities;

  1. Our one-off custom solutions can be reapplied, and become long term reusable solutions. This cuts the cost of maintenance, and makes us faster.
  2. As we increase in industry specific knowledge on web design, development, and online marketing, we can share these valuable resources with our client base, as it also applies to them.
  3. For online ads, we can build lists in one part of the country with one client, and use those lists to make “look-alike” audiences to reach the same demographics in another part of the country. This is a powerful tool for our clients, and has saved on costs and generated large amounts of revenue for many clients.
  4. The demands, solutions, and issues facing a specific industry can be the focus of our attention, without overloading our resources or spreading ourselves too thin.

What does this mean for non food service based businesses?

714Web has existed since 2011, and for the majority of that time, we served a large number fo industries. It wasn’t until we had over a dozen clients in the food business, that we selected that industry to focus on.

We have made websites, ran ads, or consulted in the following industries:

  1. Food
  2. Legal
  3. Tourism
  4. Theater/live shows
  5. Theme parks
  6. Brick and mortar shops
  7. Online only shops
  8. Clothing/apparel
  9. Healthcare
  10. Churches & other non-profits
  11. Construction
  12. Fire safety
  13. Personal blogs
  14. Call centers
  15. Vending machines
  16. Real estate
  17. Music industry
  18. Storage
  19. Car wash
  20. Auto dealerships
  21. Financial industry
  22. Mattress, bedding, & furniture
  23. Education
  24. Engineering
  25. Motivational Speaking/life coaching
  26. Landscaping
  27. General Contractors
  28. Celebrities/Public Personalities

And more…

Do we still do work in other industries?

Absolutely! We definitely work with all (legal) industries!

We only have so much time to invest in our clients, and if we’re going to forecast our growth, and invest our limited resources, we want to be laser-focused on a specific industry. But ALL our welcome to join us in our long term journey to be the greatest web design company in the world!

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Chuck Peters

From 2011 until 2014, Chuck developed 714Web as a freelancer, making websites for local non-profits, churches, and various small businesses. In 2014, 714Web grew into an agency with staff and larger projects, branching out across the country. With a focus on sales and account management growth, he has helped 714Web grow to a 7 figure Digital Marketing Agency with over 250 websites hosted, and over 300 accounts as of 2023. Read more...


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