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Chuck Peters

Chuck Peters

Front-of-House Manager

Chuck started out on a Commodore 64 as a child, before PC’s were a thing. With aspirations of being a web designer as a teenager, he launched his first website in 2004, followed by a hard knock university education in SEO, Google ads, MySQL databases, PHP, and general internet marketing systems, he finally started 714Web in the summer of 2011.

From 2011 until 2014, Chuck developed the company as a freelancer, making websites for local non-profits, churches, and various small businesses. In 2014, 714Web grew into an agency with staff and larger projects, branching out across the country.

With a focus on sales and account management growth, he has helped 714Web grow to over 100 websites hosted, and over 75 accounts as of 2020.

Chuck and his beautiful wife Jessica enjoy spending time at their Maryville, TN home with their 3 children, twins Judah and Arielle, and their youngest daughter Adalynn. In the summer, they enjoy basketball, walking around the neighborhood or the nearby greenbelt, and swimming in the family pool. The rest of the year they enjoy taking weekend getaways and short trips to nearby cities whenever the twins are out of school.

They also enjoy the family pets, a Cavadoodle named Kevin, and their newest addition, a blue merle Great Dane named Maverick.

Jeremy Caris

Jeremy Caris

Back-of-House Manager

After serving in the military out of high school, Jeremy began a career in drafting and design, working with several engineering firms over the course of 15 years. Then he transitioned into full-time ministry, serving both as a teacher and media manager, which included web development and design, print design, event production, television, and video.

Building and designing things have been a passion for Jeremy ever since he can remember. Having developed and honed both his design and web development knowledge and skills over the last 14 years, others in the industry sometimes refer to him as a unicorn since it is rare to find someone who can excel in both disciplines.

Jeremy often spends his free time building personal sites for fun, like passgrinder.com — an efficient and practical way to create and use highly secure passwords that you never have to remember. But he spends his time away from the computer with his amazing family of 4. He and his beautiful wife enjoy cooking and finding new food destinations, especially the low-key “hidden gems.”

On any given weekend, you can find him monitoring his smoker as he prepares side dishes, tests new recipes, or spins up a new install for his latest side web project.

With Jeremy’s passion to create, code, and design, combined with Chuck’s passion for entrepreneurship and his fast-paced, no-nonsense approach to business, it seems as if they were born to work together and create stunning designs, coded to perfection, for businesses of all sizes. But they couldn’t do it without the incredible and quickly growing team of skilled and experienced professionals here at 714Web.

Connie Fuksa

As the Operations Manager and leader of Organizational Development Connie Fuksa leads the team development and organizational operations. She coordinates all team growth and operational organization and development of new team member operations and systems. Connie brings to 714Web more than 30 years of business ownership and leadership.

Rob Bittinger

Business Development
Rob comes to 714Web with a diverse business background. He originally started his career as a Business Development Professional in the legal industry selling SAAS to law firms. This experience required providing exceptional, mistake free solutions to top domestic and international law firms in a fast paced environment. After nearly a decade in this industry, he turned his attention to e-commerce and online marketing by working for an entrepreneur to start their online business unit. He implemented systems and processes, inventory management, customer service protocols and marketing initiatives and grew the annual sales to $1.5m. Within three years, Rob became a small business owner and operator selling products domestically and internationally, primarily to Asian markets. However, this opportunity was cut short due to covid but the entrepreneurial spirit lives on and now Rob will employ these diverse experiences to help 714Web flourish as one of the team’s key marketing members and implementer.

Monica Newnham

Account Management
With a background in digital marketing, Monica helps work with clients to reach their Google Ad goals. She accelerates with providing quality leads while minimizing the cost per lead. Monica often spends her free time making memories with her boyfriend, family, and friends. Oh, and we can’t forget, Gator, her 13-pound chihuahua.

Alexander Grundner

A strategic problem solver and creative marketer who can connect the dots and come up with streamline processes to achieve maximum results. Areas of expertise: WordPress Web Development/Content Management, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he currently travels the world and enjoys living and working remote.

Jennifer Jones

I am a content writer and marketer who believes in the power of high-quality content to transform businesses. I have always wanted to be a writer, and quickly became passionate about the story-telling aspect of marketing. I enjoy creating compelling content to help businesses reach their customers and tell the stories behind their brand. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar, being outdoors, and spending time with my cat Olive.

Sharon Botz

I am 714web's Bookkeeper who loves to balance it all out! I am a behind the scenes person who keeps track and reports the financial data of the company. This gives the managers a picture of the business's cash flow, and financial performance which helps determine investment planning and meeting financial obligations. In my spare time I enjoy traveling with my husband and children, and being a karate student and instructor of National Karate Academy of Martial Arts (4th Degree Black Belt). My hobbies are reading, role playing (D&D), and crocheting.

Rose Adam

A professional web developer who specializes in creating user-friendly and visually appealing websites. She has a passion for her work and takes great pride in her ability to create an enjoyable online experience for users. Rose loves spending time with her family, cats, and friends and enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures.

Jason Trimble

Jason is a father, gym rat, and web dev extraordinaire. Jason specializes in eCommerce solutions and goes above and beyond to make sure every project will be a guaranteed success. Jason’s pride comes from a job well done, and is constantly improving his skillset to bring more value to each new project he takes on.

Rebecca Tarrant

As a marketing professional, Rebecca creates SEO content for clients. Her passion is crafting content that drives traffic and informs readers.

Cristina Borgia

Assistant to the CEO
I’m a graphic designer with emphasis in advertising and marketing. I am creative and I like to be organized. In my free time I like to travel and help animal foundations.

Emily Weber

Emily is a content writer who has written for multiple industries including real estate, healthcare, crypto, and tech. She aims to read all the way to the end of the internet so you don’t have to. In her free time, you can find her making dank memes and tracking the pseuds on Twitter.

Jessica Troy

For as long as she can remember, Jessica has been a reader, writer, and researcher. As a kid, she would gather as much information on vampires as possible, write short stories about the creatures on her child-size typewriter, and read them to her family. This love of writing, reading, and researching the macabre stayed with her through college as she worked toward and earned a PhD in Medieval Studies. Jessica would be happy to talk to you all day about Old English literature and some of its most interesting themes! She now uses her writing and researching skills to create content for SEO clients and is excited to learn something new every day. In her spare time, she continues to be an avid reader as well as cross-stitcher, horror movie aficionado, and dogmom.

David Peters

David Peters is currently a doctoral student in the field of mass communication at The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. His areas of expertise include writing and publishing, media and advertising psychology, and all forms of media research. For 714web, David helps with SEO development, graphics, ad design, logistics, and writing. David is also a crucial part of the R&D for our team!

Adam Cantrell

Account Manager
Adam is a longtime web and multimedia expert. His passion is in harnessing technology and solving problems creatively to streamline commerce experiences and produce stellar outcomes. He and his wife are entrepreneurs involved in the local community and are passionate about organic self-subsistence. With their 7 children they like to unplug whenever possible and enjoy simple times together making crafts and farming veggies. Adam’s hobbies are day-trading, culinary science, animation, and philosophy — when he’s not busy building great products and strong relationships at 714web, teaching evening music lessons at his recording studio, or producing works of art to sell in his store, he spends his limited free-time collaborating with local charity and faith organizations or foraging with his kids in the forest.

Josh Culp

Account Manager
Joshua worked with 714Web for years and is now back. What he loves most about 714Web is the opportunity to help people. He strives to meet every client’s needs. Out of the office, Joshua is an avid fan of music, the outdoors, and woodworking.

Dan Kupper

Dan is an avid runner, traveler, and writer with a passion for content creation. His experience in marketing has helped many brands over the years tell stories and drive traffic.

Michael Saks

Michael is a digital marketing veteran with years of experience in writing, editing, SEO, Google Ads and SEM.

Braden James

Braden James has over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field specializing in pay per click. He has worked with a variety of clients from small businesses to large enterprises, all with great success. He specializes in optimizing campaigns to maximize ROI and ensure maximum visibility for 714web clients.

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