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Don’t let Covid-19 Disrupt Your Company’s Workflow

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Sending the team home to work can be a little scary, and maybe a little freeing, and it can cut costs, but it can also increase costs. Don’t let the corona virus cost you money! Here’s 5 tips to help!


  1. Take the Extra Time to Create a Daily or Weekly Task List.

Whether you’re used to running a large company or leading a small team, you’ve probably already established and grown accustomed to a certain amount of delegation and processes that don’t require you to spend your valuable time directly assigning each task to your team. Until your workforce has worked out the kinks in this new and strange working-from-home environment, it is OK to go back to the basics for a bit. Make simple task lists for each project that can be checked off one-by-one to ensure that no task is left behind.


  1. Over Communicate.

Don’t feel bad about being over communicative at a time like this. Remember, things like voice inflection, emphasis, and body language are often lost when we are reduced to communicate through text or email. It is perfectly fine to re-state ideas and directions even a few times throughout an email. Maybe even learn to underline some sentences for clarity.


  1. Use Online Tools to Make Your Life Easier.

There are several excellent, and easy-to-learn online software tools that will make this transition into world of remote directing much easier. Slack, Trello, and Dropbox are just a few of the platforms that will allow you and your team to share files, notes, or videos instantly.


  1. Use Accountability Forms or Daily Reports.

Having team members or employees fill out accountability forms or daily reports is beneficial to the process for you and your team. Having something to report in the name of progress at the end of a workday will leave your employee feeling accomplished—which is very important when you’re adjusting to a new working process—and it will let you know what is being done each day to work towards your shared goals. (This can make it even easier to build that daily task list!)


  1. Take this time to re-evaluate, learn, and grow your skillset as a leader.

Remember, some companies operate this way by choice. Remote offices are becoming more and more popular with modern companies because it can save time and money. There are a few tricks you might pick up during this crazy experience, and don’t forget to make note of them. Yes, we’re all hoping things will get back to “normal” as soon as possible. But why go back to “normal” when you can come back to the office better than ever?

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