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Do SEO and Good Web Design Work Together or Conflict?

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SEO, Good Web Design, and your web presence:

As a web guy, I see so often that SEO, and front end design never organically meet. In my experience, I have to receive an already accomplished front end design, and well marketed set of copy, and then put an SEO spin on it. This changes things, sometimes to a  large degree, from it’s original feel, word count and overall message. After all, they are “key-words”. My question is, does what the front end designers hands the SEO specialist naturally conflict with good SEO? Does what the SEO process do to the design conflict with good design? Can you accomplish both organically?

Ultimately, if your front end designer understands the nature of SEO, not even the details, just the core concepts, then he or she can create and design around SEO “blocks” or areas that can be utilized for SEO. Conversely, if your SEO person has any kind of fornt end design ability, then that person can realize when a revision process needs to occur again, from SEO back to front end design. Based on what processes that I have seen that do, and do not work, I can conclude that the two can peacefully coexist. However , I say it’s never a guarantee that one will always get along with the other. For best SEO practices, a site might end up looking completely different than the original mockup. Perhaps the entire design team, front and back, should get a crash course in basic SEO concepts.

It’s important though, to mention that in retrospect, neither one can hold a higher value than the other, on any give project. Design, in function, is as valuable as good SEO. While poor SEO practices will altogether remove some traffic flow, poor deign will as well be the cause of shorter visits and a lack of engagement and return visits. Both SEO and Good Front End Web Design Are Important to a Sustained, Successful Web Presence. 


One Response to "Do SEO and Good Web Design Work Together or Conflict?"
  1. Wally says:

    Of course seo and web desing work together. Almost everything depends on your website – especially how your website looks… seo is necessary when you want more clients and if your clients like the look of your website you are successful – it’s simple 🙂

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