Set Up Server Maintenance Subscription

I agree to the Server Maintenance plan. This plan covers licensing fees, proprietary security code update fees, spam filter upgrade costs, server maintenance and general server security updates. This is a Monthly Fee based on your business. The monthly cost for this starts when you sign up, as that’s when the server space is created, and therefore will begin routine maintenance. This is NOT a hosting fee. This is a server maintenance and security updates fee.

I agree to not hold 714WEB liable for any downtime, loss of revenue, or any and all losses due to any errors or problems with my website, I understand that I will not have to pay for fixing server errors specifically caused by 714WEB, and I understand I can choose to host my site anywhere I choose, and I can request a a copy of my website in digital form in order to move it, at any time.


$ 50 /m

For-Profit Business

$ 150 /m


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