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Please inform us of any questions or specifics we might need to know before our kickoff meeting.
YHSGR 2.0 Website Timeline

Kickoff call – Client will be contacted to schedule within 48 business hours after payment.

1 week – Review

  • 1 week Review timing will not start until ALL requested client information has been received and kickoff call has been completed between the client and our 714Web Client Account Manager.

2 weeks – Launch

  • 2 week launch from kickoff timeline will only start after ALL review items that were discussed between the client and our 714Web Client Account Manger at the 1 week Review have been supplied to the 714Web Client Account Manager.

In other words, we don’t start until we have everything we need, and then we don’t launch until you approve, and we’re not including changes to the template itself as part of this timeline at all. So if you give us all the info we need before we start the clock, and if you don’t change the template, and you approve your site within 24 hours of the review, we can have it created and launched in 2 weeks.


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