You start early & work hard. You earn your success. You’re in control of the restaurant, the front, and back of the house. But…

when are you going to start using the internet to see STRONGER WEEKLY NUMBERS?

Take control of your online ambience, and increase your bottom line SIGNIFICANTLY, without the headache and time suck of doing it yourself.

We’ve got your back, consider it done.

Cross it off your list.

The 714Web Restaurant Website SolutionTM

Currently priced at $9777

  • Bring your ambience to your website
  • Build a free email list
  • Allow easy menu and hours of operation updates
  • Brand your restaurant online
  • Take reservations or call ahead seating requests
  • Sell your food through stunning imagery
  • Speak directly to your ideal customers with curated messaging
  • Have an online presence that you’re proud of, and in control of
  • Offer incentives to draw in customers searching online
  • Target Customers on mobile devices with a specific call to action that converts
  • Showcase your best reviews


Power Launch


  • With less than $1000 in ad spend, we were able to generate 473 event responses to a grand opening. Make sure your first day is a good day. Let everyone know, you’re ready for them.
  • Use AI-driven, geo-fenced, highly targeted ads with specific psychologically driven science-based messaging to drive your customers to your branded website, to learn about your restaurant, and show up, order online, buy a gift card, reserve a table call ahead for seating, or tell their friends about your amazing new concept.

Online Ordering


  • Not having an online ordering option, or worse, a broken online ordering option, is costing you revenue that you can’t afford to miss out on.
  • An online ordering system that is difficult to use can cause frustration associated with your restaurant, creating a negative experience, possibly for someone who has never had a positive experience with your restaurant because they’ve never been there.
  • Having to deal with an online ordering system with a 3rd party, a separate website, on top of a 3rd party system for updating your menus ends up being a time suck and extra work, for a system that probably doesn’t benefit you that much, because in both cases people are leaving your website and your branding and your messaging, to deal with a “one size fits all” system that you have no control over.

Gift Card Sales


  • “Gift cards account for 55% of the average shopper’s entire annual gift budget, and at any given time, 10% to 19% of gift card balances remain unredeemed — and around 6% of gift cards are never even used.” – The Hustle
  • Out of every $100 in gift card sales, you get around $20 back! And it’s an in-demand product!
  • When people share your gift cards, they are telling their friends and families that your restaurant is a great place to eat. It’s a powerful personal recommendation.
  • In the event the recipient has never been, it’s a business card that solidifies your brand as valuable. You’re leveraging the personal network of the gift card buyer, and they’re giving you $20 to do it.

Online Ads


  • Online ads from Facebook, instagram, blip billboard ads, google search ads, google display ads (very cheap), and youtube ads are ALL getting better by the minute. We can use tracking code and lists of restaurant visitors in your area to target your message, in front of your ideal customers. Get a free consult on how this all works.
  • Our marketing engine is a proven system that drives the right traffic online, to your specific call to action, and converts those online visitors, to in-house visitors. People do everything online, EXCEPT EAT. They will search for you. BE FOUND. Drive traffic to your restaurant today.

Mobile App


  • Over half your online visitors come to you from their phone. When they pick up the phone they have 2 options. Click browser, or click another app. If they can click on your app, they can engage directly with you, find your specials, hours of operation, and menu, without ever seeing the competition or wasting time searching for your website.
  • Mobile apps allow you to do things to retain your guests, and generate more revenue from the same number of people. Online ordering with reorder feature, reward program, loyalty points, save your fav dishes, save your address, save your payment info, call ahead seating/reservations, nearby locations and more…
  • Our technology feeds your website data to the app, so hours, menu, etc, all update in 1 place. You can also integrate maps, send notifications at will, which popup on the phone and display a short message automatically, and engage with current staff (think reports, staff messages, etc) and offer hiring solutions, online applications, hiring information, etc.
  • Recent research shows that 90% of mobile users’ time is spent in apps, and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet, according to If your local competition has an app, you’ve already lost the attention war, and it has already cut into your bottom line. Let’s fix that.

Brands We Work With

The 714WEB Process

We start with a quick 15 minute phone call, in order to determine how to proceed, we touch base on your most pressing concerns, and we chat for a few minutes so you can get to know us, and see that we’re human beings, who enjoy food, and restaurants 🙂

Here’s some frequently asked questions and answers that come up often in these calls.

How long does it take? 4-8 weeks generally speaking.

Can we work with a restaurant if it’s 5 states away? Yes, most of our clients are not near us geographically. It’s no problem.

You have unique needs? Yes, we will custom fit a solution by going through our “MAVERICK” discovery process, which includes a series of information gathering strategy meetings, and we identify exact pain points, problems, opportunities, goals and more. This is key, because this is where we find the solution that fits for you. It’s like building a house, we find out what we’re building through conversation, then we make a blueprint, then we all sign off, then we get to work on it.


The MAVERICK discovery process. This is a very important step, because we have nothing until we know exactly what you need. Then we have goals and we can start to put a plan together.

Clients love this part of the process, because it gives us opportunities to find solutions to problems you may not have realized you had, or ever thought could be solved.

The MAVERICK system is designed to discover ALL THE WAYS we can help you, without repeating the same mistakes that occur often in this process, errors and problems you probably have experienced before.

Often, simple and free or very inexpensive solutions come to light, simply by taking the time to talk through everything up front.

We estimate that this process saves you anywhere from $250 to $2500 in post website launch billable hours, at the expense of 2-4 hours of up front conversation.


Execution. At the beginning of this step we have a plan in place, and a timeline for each task and goal. We put our team to work, and concurrently we’ll continue working with you on things like messaging, copy, imagery, etc. We’ll touch base every week with a standing 30 minute update meeting, as well as the frequent communications about what we’re currently working on. There will be allot of communicating, but the faster we can communicate, and the better we can communicate, the faster we can finish, and the better the product will be. It may get a little frustrating at times because you’re busy, and we’ll work around that, but you can trust us, we do this every day, and every question and answer is important and a part of your overall success.


Review. We have several review and revise points along the way, for several components of the site. It’s important for you to take the time to really review, activate your critical thinking, and give us feedback, positive or negative. This decision making action is similar to creating a new dish for the menu, or hiring a new chef. It’s important to take your time, think it though, feel it, and make a good decision. A bad decision, or one that you rushed now and regret later, can be a costly mistake. Custom designs are not easy to go back and change later. Every piece touches every other piece.


Launch. We have a 107 point checklist of items and tasks associated with launch.

Post launch we test everything, again. This means you’ll be getting notifications by email and or other methods, and we’ll need to know that you received those communications, and that the system is working, and looks right, and as you expect, to you.

This is not the end. It’s the beginning.

At this point we’ll give you access to our ticketing system, and our client portal. From there you can create new support tickets, info requests, etc, and we’ll process them in a timely manner. Depending on your exact solution, we’ll have a 30 day or 45 day post launch “check-in” meeting, to see how it’s going on your end.

We pride ourselves on client retention, and we’ll be hosting your website, so let’s keep communications going, and let us know promptly when we can help you, and with what, and all the details.

We have a response time of 24-48 hours for ongoing change requests, new images, etc. Sometimes we can get it done same day, and the more information you can provide, the better.


Leave us a review, and choose a hosting plan. Some plans come with free labor monthly at a higher price point, annual pre paid plans receive a discount, and we can customize a plan for you.

Now you can utilize more of your time to do things that MAKE YOU MORE MONEY!

You’ll have access to your account manager’s cell and email. We’re here for you constantly. We’ll be here for your next concept’s opening, and we’ll be here for your menu changes, new food imagery, marketing questions, new solutions and so on.

We’ll be here for you for the long haul.

Get used to us 🙂

How would it benefit you if…

Your food pics looked so good they made people hungry?

Your website design followed best practices for profit, just like your restaurant?

Your branding and website makes people want to like your restaurant, before they step foot in the door?

I remember when I got the email (that’s me, chuck, in the blue coat–>) “We need 8 websites for 8 different concepts, make it affordable.” This was 2014. We were a small agency back then. I had a secret weapon, I had a fire in me, and a passion to succeed (Maybe you can relate). I gathered my team, pulled the best out of them, and guess what?


Our custom solution came in at half the price of the lowest bidder. I won! So did the client.

They got 8 unique custom websites that reflected the ambiance of each concept, and we got a client that has been with us for over 6 years.

14 custom websites, 4 Grand Opening launch websites, and an e-commerce store later, they still send us new change requests (resolved in 24-48 hrs) every month.

I still have that fire in me, and we’ve grown since then, tremendously. We can take problems off your list, WE CAN DELIVER FOR YOU.

No nonsense, just hassle-free restaurant websites.

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