714Web Custom YHSGR Website

Let’s Take A Look At What Our Custom YHSGR Site Includes:

Home Page

  • Above The Fold Design For Conversion, and Search Engine Optimization
  • USP Featured in the middle of the page
  • Click to Call, Click to Google Maps
  • Psychologically Driven Conversion Copy, based on YHSGR USP
  • Specifically Placed Call to Action Buttons
  • FAQ’s used as Schema Data, made from Proctor Content
  • Testimonials to Build Credibility
  • LiveChat – an amazing chat platform that your ISA’s can use to engage with your users at any time

Secondary Pages

  • A Sidebar with a short form that matches the proctor page exactly
  • Remarketing/Retargeting CTA of CALL or TXT that is clickable
  • Multiple Contact Forms so we Don’t Miss Leads

An Optional MLS IDX

  • A Searchable Map, with Listings and Images on the side
  • Save Search Feature which is a Lead Generator
  • Ability to pull Multiple MLS’s (not available in all areas)
  • Connects Leads to Your CRM
  • Some features of the MLS IDX may not be compatible in every location

Back End Features

  • Open House Tool – Easily Create Open House Event Pages
  • All Form Entries Automatically Go Into Your CRM
  • Train Your Team to Upload Manual Listings / Featured Listings
  • Easily create blog posts – in house
  • All pages and posts allow for a featured image/thumbnail by default
  • Built on WordPress, Google’s Favorite CMS
  • Built In CRM (Hubspot) for Lead Source Tracking (a backup CRM, and a tool for our marketing team for reporting)
  • Built in ticket system that connects to 714web for easy change requests
  • Landing Page Creation Tool (no more sending traffic to another site for landing pages, easier to track, no cost)

We also offer Free Training, Quick Response Time (usually same day, but no longer than 24-48 business hours) and much more!

Here’s the stuff you NEED TO KNOW:

  • The website is a $10,000 investment it requires $7,500 to begin work and $2,500 due after we launch your site.
  • The production of your site is a 6-8 week process, depending on the time it takes during the revision process
  • We follow the YHSGR Brand Guidelines which are proven to boost conversions, resulting in more net profit for you.
  • When building your site we offer 2 rounds of revisions at each stage; initial review, and Final Review.
  • When submitting your revisions we ask for a full list of changes before we submit them to our Production Team.
  • If you need further revisions, and also for future change requests after launch, we charge an hourly rate, billed at the end of the month, net30, in 15 minute minimum increments. Our current hourly rate is $150.
  • Changes to the template require a waiver form to be filled out for corporate records, and may be subject to additional billing.
  • We host your site, and we pay for all the third party services, such and MLS IDX feed, Livechat, google maps API Key, SEO Tools, Zapier to integrate lead to your CRM, and many more.
  • We DO NOT charge for hosting. We have a Server Maintenance fee of $150/month. We invested in a server solely for YHSGR clients to keep the page speed, capacity, and ranking ability top of mind for your site. This monthly charge is a way for us to offset the cost of maintaining and updating the server.
  • The $150/month Server Maintenance fee is a server security update fee that begins when we first engage with you to create a website.
  • If you choose to no longer participate in The Craig Proctor Coaching Program, All Craig Proctor Intellectual Property will be removed, after your site is taken down, at your expense, upon receipt of notification from corporate that you are no longer a member in good standing. This downtime will occur effective immediately upon receiving notification from corporate. We can re-contract without Craig Proctor Membership Group Pricing, once all Craig Proctor IP is removed, at your expense. This Policy Affects All 714Web Services, including Web, Marketing, PPC, SEO, etc.
  • Training events are mandatory
  • We don’t offer refunds
  • We don’t work on other people’s websites
  • We Require access to your Domain name, CRM, and nameserver in order to complete the website project
  • We request that you meet with us on a phone call, in person, or on a video chat, for a kickoff call when the deposit is paid, to begin work.
  • We’re not liable for licensing issues with stock photography, copy/text, etc
  • If your site goes down, we credit your next bill according to the length of down time. The entire $150 server maintenance fee acts as the cost of uptime, and is divided by the number of days in the month to determine the cost of your downtime.
  • We’re not liable for the value of your downtime, or errors, bugs, glitches, browser discrepancies, etc, however if we’re undeniably at fault, we will credit the cost of those issues back to you
  • This website proposal incorporates the website proposal terms and conditions provided online at
  • and form a binding part of this agreement. You acknowledge you read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • You can see our Privacy Policy here.
  • Payment expresses consent to scope and agreement. Client and 714Web can disengage at any time. The “Website”, launched, live, or otherwise, is owned by 714web until the final payment has been made.
  • This document together with any attachments, as well as any new, different or additional terms, conditions or policies which we may establish from time to time, and any agreement that we are currently bound by or will be bound by in the future, constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us concerning your engagement with us on this project, and supersede and govern all prior written and verbal communications.
  • 714WEB cannot be held liable for any loss, costs, or other damages as a direct or indirect result of doing business or in any other way.
  • Upon submission of the below form, you’ll be redirected to our payment portal. the project begins when the deposit is collected, and the server maintenance recurring monthly subscription is set up.
  • Must have a YHSGR Brokerage Opened.
  • Must have paid your YHSGR $10K license fee in full.
  • Site does not get launched until YHSGR Brokerage is opened.
  • Must be earning $250K+ and have an admin.

Corporate Prerequisites:

  • Must have a YHSGR Brokerage Opened.
  • Must have paid your YHSGR $10K license fee in full.
  • Site does not get launched until YHSGR Brokerage is opened.
  • Must be earning $250K+ and have an admin.

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