Tom Horne
Owner, Local Goat American Restaurant, LocalGoatPF.com | Former Vice President of Operations, Diverse Concepts

We have worked with Chuck Peters and his team for the last 3 years on numerous websites. We have a varying array of businesses that each require specific needs for their online presence. 714Web captured all of the key elements we desired in a website plus quite a few more at the suggestion of the 714Web team. Like most companies today, I would not call our company overly tech savvy and we depend on vendors like 714Web for outstanding website design and functionality. Chuck and his team keep up with the ever changing technical enhancements needed to keep our websites relevant and optimized. 714Web is always there to help us with any of our other electronic media including our social media platforms and eliciting great engagement on those platforms as well. I would happily recommend Chuck Peters and the 714Web team for your company as well.


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