One Twitter Tool to Rule Them All

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I have been looking for one Twitter tool to rule them all. And, well, I haven’t found it yet. However, I would expect it to be a combination of three which I currently use.


This has the kind of features you’d think of when you think hear the phrase twitter tool. It synchronizes with your twitter account every time you log in and then makes a number of functions available by comparing your latest stats with you previous stats. Based on the changes, it tells you who has followed or unfollowed you, allowing you to follow or unfollow them as well. It will scan the people you do follow and tell you who doesn’t follow you back. And, it will scan your top 100 followers and determine the best times for you to tweet to get the maximum exposure and impact. There are a number of other functions available, which, quite frankly, I don’t care about. All in all, it does far more than I need, but it doesn’t fulfill all of my basic desires.


I have been using BufferApp longer than any of these Twitter tools. It allows you to have a queue full of tweets that are ready to go on a weekly schedule which you predetermine. What makes this useful is that you won’t overload your followers with tweets too often. What makes this even more useful is that SocialBro will auto-configure BufferApp to tweet on an optimum schedule based on your top 100 followers. For instance, it may schedule your tweets to go out every Monday through Friday at 9am and 12pm. It also allows me to track how many people click on my links. The catch is that the free account only lets you have 10 tweets in your queue. However, for ever person that you refer who signs up, you can earn more slots. The interface for BufferApp is superb, but it only fulfills one of my needs.


While BufferApp allows me to send out tweets on a regular weekly schedule, LaterBro allows me to schedule tweets to go out at a specific date and time instead of on a regular schedule. It also has a handy bookmarklet which allows me to schedule a tweet from anywhere on the web. Like BufferApp, LaterBro only does one thing I need. Even though I do appreciate the simplicity of the interface, it does feel somewhat amateurish. Also, if I edit a scheduled tweet, I have to reconfigure the date and time.

The Perfect Twitter Tool

In a perfect scenario, I would love to see BufferApp add the features I like from SocialBro and LaterBro. Let’s face it, we are more drawn to the things that make us feel good, that appeal to us visually, and that feel easy to embrace. Even though SocialBro does far more than the other two apps, the simplicity and design appeal of BufferApp wins my loyalty.

Are there Twitter tools out there that you recommend above these?

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