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Why the iPhone 6 design changes wont really matter

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The iPhone 6 redesign, while I’m sure it will be spectacular, won’t really be a huge deal. Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Android has about a hundred amazing phone designs on the market, and there isn’t much, short of snakeskin or precious metals decor, that you can do to make a phone look much cooler, not within the price point anyway.

2. They launched the 5c, which was a total break from the traditional iPhone design (which, in essence has been the practically the same for more than a few years now) and it did not sell as well as they had projected. A redesign is not the only thing iPhone users want.

3. Last but most important: The apple ecosystem. The ecosystem is why we use iPhones, not the shape or the design of the phone. We use them because the iOS is so well designed, because it integrates flawlessly with our computers, and it makes our lives so much easier to use an ipad, iphone, and apple desktop device, all synced, all configured to our settings, with our apps, and all our stuff. That’s why we love it, that’s why we love apple, thats why we love iPhone. And that’s why the iPhone changes won’t really matter!







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