We all have weak points. We all had that one class in college we didn’t quite thrive in. We all struggle with something in our business. We’re human. That’s OK.
If Sales, Branding, Marketing or Advertising are at all weak points for you, or just plain not your favorite, that’s fine, but how much is it costing you? How much money are you losing because of it? How is it impacting your goals? Your clients? Those around you? Are you making up the deficit in a negative way? Do you now have undue pressure on you because you’ve not figured out this difficult piece of the puzzle?

I can relate because for years, my books were not in order. I sucked at book keeping, and I didn’t value it enough to hire anyone. When I did hire someone, they overcharged me for the value they gave me, and that left a bad taste in my mouth. Eventually I figured out (thousands of dollars and several years later) that I needed to manage the books, but not keep the books. I played to my strengths, and managed a person who played to theirs. My books are much better, and taxes are much simpler, budgets are easier to make, it impacts hiring and firing, and all around my business is healthier. Each area of our business greatly impacts every other area, in ways we may not even be aware of.

Here’s my pitch, I’m going to make a few statements that should be easily relatable to your business, if you feel like you understand them, then I don’t think you need a free consult.

If what I’m saying is a foreign language, you might want to figure out your “unknown unknowns”.

Here they are: Sales is the transfer of emotion. A company’s brand equity is rarely equal to it’s annual revenue. Advertising is always marketing, but marketing is not always advertising. Demand generation based on ideal customer profiles is the starting point for brand premium-based pricing. Inbound marketing using click funnels that re-market and retarget to existing cold leads increases your ROI on ad spend. Are you familiar with the acronym IYKYK? I’d love to help you get more out of your business, and reduce the stress in your day-to-day life.


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