One Twitter Tool to Rule Them All

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I have been looking for one Twitter tool to rule them all. And, well, I haven’t found it yet. However, I would expect it to be a combination of three which I currently use. SocialBro This has the kind of features you’d think of when you think hear the phrase twitter tool. It synchronizes with […]

How To Add FTC Compliance Blocks With A WordPress Shortcode

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Michael Hyatt released a blog post titled, “Five Ways To Comply With The New FTC Guidelines For Bloggers.” In it, he explained that “the U.S. Federal Trade Commission issued guidelines that require bloggers to “disclose material connections” for product or service endorsements.” If you are a blogger, I highly recommend that you read that post. […]

Have You Taken The IFTTT Challenge?

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If you choose to accept this challenge, your entire digital life is about to go to a WHOLE… NEW… LEVEL. Your mission: utilize What is this, you ask? IF THIS happens, THEN do THAT. It’s the basic if/then loop that programmers worldwide have been using to harness the power of computer languages for years. Now it’s been brilliantly applied to […]

SEO and SERP Services Concepts

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Good SEO consists of the following: Good keyword choices Site title and page title templates Homepage Optimization Google Webmaster Tools Bing Webmaster Tools Inclusion of Social Media Channels and Links There are dozens of things you can do to increase your site and page rankings, these are the most important. For a free consultation give […]

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