Google Adwords Express App

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Google Adwords Express App Hey Y’all, I just discovered this new app form google – Google Adwords Express App. With this app you can create ads, and monitor ads running in Adwords Express. This only works for Adwords Express. What is Google Adwords Express? It’s the ad display network for businesses. You know that list […]

Amazon WorkMail – What is it?

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Amazon WorkMail It’s about time someone besides Google offered a real solution for email. Email is one of the oldest things on the internet, and it shows. Millennials, for the most part, don’t even use it, and for good reason. Have you ever had issues? Only trying to send mail, or receive mail, or read […]

WordPress Shortcode To Show Or Hide Content

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There are many reasons to show or hide content based on whether someone is to logged in or just visiting your self-hosted WordPress website. People who are registered users on your website shouldn’t be seeing things that only pertain to visitors. There is also content that you only want logged in users to see. One […]

6 Principles of Effective Design

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A true designer must be concerned first and foremost with what proves to be effective in the real world. As I have studied and applied various ideas over the years, I have learned six basic principles that I believe are crucial to truly effective design. 1. Purpose Effective design must have a purpose. Cut through […]

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714Web utilizes to market our services. We see great value in letting a third party, such as Thumbtack, promote our services. Thumbtack compares us side by side with out competitors, which helps us to stand out from among the rest. We truly do offer today’s innovations, with yesterday’s values. See our profile here: Web […]

Is Evernote One Of The Best Apps Ever?

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I literally use Evernote daily to collect my thoughts and ideas, for my speaking notes, blogging, writing, research, and so much more. This is one app that is always open on both my MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, and my iPhone. For those of you who are not Mac lovers, have no fear—it is available on Windows, Android, […]

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