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Amazon WorkMail – What is it?

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Amazon WorkMail

It’s about time someone besides Google offered a real solution for email. Email is one of the oldest things on the internet, and it shows. Millennials, for the most part, don’t even use it, and for good reason. Have you ever had issues? Only trying to send mail, or receive mail, or read a string of emails, or send or receive from your tablet or mobile device, just to mention a few.

Forget about trying to keep spam messages in spam, and important messages out of spam. Never mind the fact that some spam filters are so strong, that what might not be spam doesn’t even hit your spam box, much less your inbox. Don’t get me started on having to look through different tabs for your email. Dealing with calendars, accepting invitations, sharing events, sharing calendars.

Wait, there’s more… But I’m not trying to ruin your day.

Let me just break down the highlights of Amazon WorkMail. Amazon work mail. That’s enough to make my heart leap.

Then, it’s an amazon product, which is awesome. Amazon website services, or AWS as its called, is a major player in the infrastructure of the internet. Pinterest blew up on amazon servers, as just one example. AWS customers include NASA and some of the biggest companies in the world. AWS has there act together, and they get it done. They aren’t nearly as expensive as they should be, security is a big deal, and customer service is great.

But I digress. Let’s talk about Amazon WorkMail. In bullet points. ( )

1. Managed Service

Amazon WorkMail makes it easy to manage your corporate email infrastructure and eliminates the need for up-front investments to license and provision on-premises email servers. There is no complex software to install or maintain and no hardware to manage. Amazon WorkMail automatically handles all of the patches, back-ups, and upgrades.

2. Enterprise-Grade Security

Amazon WorkMail automatically encrypts all of your data at rest with encryption keys you control, using AWS Key Management Service. Amazon WorkMail also allows you to retain full control over data locality by choosing the AWS region where all of your data is stored.

3. Outlook Compatible

Amazon WorkMail provides native support for Microsoft Outlook on both Windows and Mac OS X, so users can continue to use the email client they are already using without needing to install any additional software, such as plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

4. Anywhere Access

Users can synchronize their mailboxes with iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and Windows Phone devices (using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol). If you are migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server, your users’ mobile devices can automatically connect to WorkMail with no end-user reconfiguration required, and no change in user experience. A feature-rich web client is also available for users to access their email, calendar, and contacts.

5. Active Directory Integration

Amazon WorkMail securely integrates with your existing Microsoft Active Directory so that users can access their mailbox using their existing credentials. This also makes it easy to manage users and groups with familiar systems management tools, such as Active Directory Users and Computers.

6. Low Cost

Amazon WorkMail features simple, low, monthly per-user pricing and costs $4 per user per month which includes 50GB of storage per user.

Amazon WorkMail (Preview). (2015, January 28). Retrieved January 28, 2015, from 


So… to recap, AMAZON IS DABOMB!!!

I can’t believe it took so long, but, THANK YOU AMAZON!!!!

please visit for more info, and to sign up for a preview!!!

3 Responses to "Amazon WorkMail – What is it?"
  1. Jeff says:

    Love it. I like doing business with Amazon on the sole basis that they’ve never reported a profit. Poor guys need help.
    But seriously, everything they touch is gold. This probably won’t be any different! 🙂

  2. Chuck Peters says:

    Thanks for the comment Jeff! I couldn’t agree more… Thanks for stopping by!

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