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5 Tips on Staying Productive While Working from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Working from Home Due to Covid-19 Can be a Blast if You Follow these Five Tips!


  1. Wake Up Early and Get Ready for Your Day.

We all have a typical morning ritual that helps us get ready for the average workday, and that shouldn’t change just because you’re working from home. Set the alarm, eat the Pop-tart, and make the coffee to keep things as regular as possible. If you catch my drift. This will help you get into a groove, so you can be as productive as you usually are.


  1. Drown Out the Noise.

Noise-canceling headphones. I repeat. Noise. Canceling. Headphones. You’ll need to beg for, borrow, or steal a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Or, just go ahead and order a pair from Amazon Prime. Either way, you’ll need these to drown out the noise of a family or roommates that might have cabin fever. Forget a computer or laptop; these will be your most valuable tool.


  1. Take Scheduled Breaks.

You must emerge, if only for just a quick ten-minute break. Use this time to think about something other than impending doom or work. Feel free to join the neighbors in watching the other neighbors through the window—pet the cat. Kick the dog. It doesn’t matter. Just take some time to get your eyes off of the screen.


  1. Eat Anything You Want for Lunch.

You are the King or Queen of your domain. There’s a rule that a lot of remote workers follow: If you’re capable of making money without even wearing your shoes, then you’re a boss. You deserve to eat any lunch that your heart desires. If you want to turn on the stove to roast Marshmallows with the fancy silverware, so be it. Microwave a hotdog or two. Boil some cabbage. Whatever you want.


  1. Set Yourself A Good Stopping Point.

When you’re using the same space for relaxing and working, it can be hard to separate the two. This is why it is essential to decide when the workday is done and walk away from it. It is probably time to eat again anyway. Netflix is calling. Now is the time to get change into something comfortable and enjoy the benefits of quarantine like the rest of the world. Pet that cat again. Check that window to see what the neighbors are doing now. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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